Tree Austria 3.2

Tree Austria 3.2
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This is the third generation in the Tree Austria Series and offers movable leg loops for greater mobility.
The sit-board and shoulder straps are easily fitted and air channels in the padding help with ventilation. The waist section, leg loops and bridge are all run through one ring giving better load distribution and more comfort while the large side D-rings are for lanyard positioning.
When you measure up for this harness make sure you measure your hips NOT your waist and that you are wearing your normal climbing gear when you take the measurement. This measurement will typically be two inches larger than you normally buy for a pair of jeans. If you are just inside the upper limit then you may be better off buying the next size up. The size is really important so that the hip D rings sit in the correct position and your've got enough adjustability for winter clothing

Key Features

Meets standards EN 813, EN 358 and ANSI A10.14-1991.

Brand: Euroline

Product Code: CH009

Shipping Weight: 4kg.