ART Spiderjack 2.1 Basic

ART Spiderjack 2.1 Basic
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The SpiderJack 2.1 is a multifunctional, self-blocking rope control device for running double rope.
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With a bit of practice the SpiderJack 2.1 allows unique functions and movements that make for easier and more dynamic climbing.
No conversion is needed for changing from ascent to descent or for single-handed shortening without slack rope.
The thumb break facilitates controllable yet smooth swings .
Device and stationary rope end are fixed with the same carabiner. With Velcro.

SpiderJack 2.1 Basic features:
• patented
• certified according to EN 358
• multifunctional ascend and repelling device for the running double rope
• use with textile ropes according to EN 1891, Ø 11–13 mm
• body and parts made of solid aluminium 
• service life: 5 years
• tested with: 15 kN/3 Min.
• breaking strength: ca. 28 kN
• weight: ca. 245 g

Key Features


Brand: ART

Product Code: SJ71

Shipping Weight: 0.4kg.