Coast Redwood

Coast Redwood

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Author: Gerald F Beranek This fascinating new coffee table-quality book from the indomitable Jerry Beranek, has over 800 beautiful photographs. It is a remarkable photo-essay on the Coast Redwood, covering the largest and most incredible Redwoods, as well as details on the life cycle, appearance, and resiliency of these trees.

284 pages, hardcover, with colour photographs on every page.

Here's what Jerry says about his book:

"I'll say this about Coast Redwood. Its style and presentation is the opposite of High Climbers. As High Climbers is purely about the glory days and shortsighted gains, Coast Redwood is more about the longer rewards that come from appreciating and preserving this natural resource. There's a striking contrast between the two books, and some people are going to find it odd how two opposite works can come from the same brain. Kind of like Jeckel and Hyde. Strangely, as they are, I think the two books actually compliment each other. So if you have High Climbers and Timber Fallers you need to get Coast Redwood. It's the natural balance of the universe." - Jerry 

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