KK Spikescender Climbright / Stein Right Foot

KK Spikescender Climbright / Stein Right Foot
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JUST IN - Spikescender to fit Climbright/Stein spurs The Spikescender is for use in DbRT or SRT techniques allows a climber to use an ascender while wearing climbing spurs.
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  • The KK Spikescender is a foot ascender, independent of the gaff and can be retrofitted to the Climbright/Stein Spurs. It bolts directly to the shaft, beneath the existing gaff, and tucks well out of the way beside your heel.
  • The use of the KK Spikescender ensures smooth management of slack, while keeping your climbing line well out of harms way when ascending SRT or DbRT.
  • Milled from aircraft grade aluminium and featuring an NZ-made titanium 'toothed' cam the KK Spikescender runs far smoother than many of the other foot ascender brands currently on the market.
  • Dale has lightly tensioned the titanium cam which seems to resist the tendancy to create a bight in the rope on ascent.

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Brand: KK

Product Code: KKSCS

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