Meindl Timberking

Meindl Timberking

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Cut Protection Class 3 steel reinforced safety boots
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These are steel reinforced, extreme safety boots that still feel like trekking shoes for medium terrain.
  • steel toe cap
  • leather lining
  • pro- and supine supports
  • multi-grip sole
  • "sprung" continuous PU wedge (shock absorber)
  • Height: 21 cm
  • Weight: 2100 g (Size 43)
  • Care for with Meindl Sportwax and Wet-Proof.

Key Features

With Timberking boots, Meindl have introduced new cut protection technology. Where the foot is normally most vulnerable, immediately behind the steel toe cap, there's a thin but effective layer of flexible steel, so cleverly incorporated that wearers won't even notice. As a result Timberking boots easily qualify for the German Forestry Association's testing centre(KWF) Class 3.

Warranty Disclaimer:

Extended claim times - Due to the nature of Meindl's warranty procedures ANY issues or problems will result in them being returned to Meindl. Regardless of age, Meindl insist upon this and therefore there may be a delay in the products return.

During this period no replacements can be supplied.


Brand: Meindl

Product Code: MTBK

Shipping Weight: 2.5kg.