Ocean Vectran 6mm Accessory Cord

Ocean Vectran 6mm Accessory Cord
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A highly abrasion-resistant, grippy and heat-resistant cord.
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Ocean Vectran® has a polyester/aramid sheath (think Ocean Polyester), which gives the rope its heat and abrasion resistant qualities while making it grip well.
The load-bearing core of this rope is made from high-strength Vectran®, this means it has a very high breaking strain for a diameter of just 6mm.

Ocean Vectran® rope is also used as part of the Teufelburger CElanyard and Ocean Vectran® Loop.
Certified to EN564:2006
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Key Features

Ocean Vectran®
Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Weight [g/m] Weight [lbs/100'] min. Breaking strength [daN] min. Breaking strength [lbs]
6 1/4 32.5 2.2 2200 5000


Brand: Teufelberger

Product Code: TEUOV

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