HipSTAR flex 11.5mm

HipSTAR flex 11.5mm
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A multifunctional and certified lanyard that capitalizes on the length adjustment advantages of the “Hitch Climber System”.
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The CE lanyard has always been ahead of its time and very popular amongst arborists around the globe.
Teufelberger have now obtained additional certifications for CE lanyard in line with the countries where it is used. As a result they gave it a new name - hipSTAR FLEX 11.5mm

It is certified to:
EN 358:1999
EN 795B:2012
AS/NZS 5532:2013
AS/NZS 1891.1:2007
ANSI Z133-2017

Key Features

In addition, two knots, i.e., ‘Distel’ and ‘Valdotain 4+3’, are now certified for the Ocean Polyester e2e. The seams of the ends of the hipSTAR Flex come with TEUFELBERGER’s resin-based [tnt] seam protector technology.
The 7 mm Ocean Dyneema rope with stainless steel thimble is designed as an additional mounting point. The following elements continue to be exchangeable: Ocean Polyester e2e Ocean Dyneema Loop T hipSTAR FLEX e2e


Brand: Teufelberger

Product Code: HPSTARfx

Shipping Weight: 1kg.