Wooden Hand collaboration workshop with Robert Knott & Paul Poynter

Wooden Hand collaboration workshop with Robert Knott & Paul Poynter
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Work positioning techniques from Japan
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Themes of workshop - 
Paul Poynter, in conjunction with ODSK (Japan), has developed a complete system for two rope use.  Conceptual elements of the system are born out of the traditional ‘One Rope’ system (either MRS and SRS).  Risk assessment of tree is the same, as is access.  The ‘Two Rope’ system comes into its own in terms of suspension point design, and ultimately Work Positioning concepts and practicality.  

Paul’s interpretation of ten years of Body Work discussion with Robert are imbued within the Two Rope system.  We would like to offer a one day workshop to understand the technicality of the Two Rope system.  And to take the opportunity to offer a second day to discuss and delve into Roberts underlaying Body Work concept, along with and Paul’s mechanics approach to climbing.  

Practical three-dimensional system design
Major v’s Minor technique and equipment selection
Anchor design
Mechanics of movement
Practical physical maintenance

In order to keep discussion focused and lively we will limit participation of the second day to ten people.

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