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Samson Splicing Manual - NOW IN STOCK

Samson Splicing Manual - NOW IN STOCK

For all those of you who would like to be able to splice here is your starting point - the Samson Splicing Manual is a wealth of useful information, concise, illustrated and easy to follow.

Many of you have asked when there will be another splicing workshop and there is - in Sweden(!)  details below. We will be running another one in the UK soon so watch this space.

Splicing Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden. 16-17 May 2015

Two days of training will introduce rope handling, measurement, splice tools, double braid, hollow braid & 16 strand rope splicing techniques. Participants will be guided through each stage of producing high quality, strong & reliable splices for arborist use.

Please contact Douglas Wells at Svenska Arborist Föreningen douglas@sverigesarboristforbund.se for further details or mail or call us directly. If numbers allow, we will continue with another workshop the following weekend.

Apr 2015