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New Kit!

New Kit!

2009 brought many new pieces of equipment onto the market place & fortunately Treeworker continue to work alongside quality arbor-ealists to offer first dibs to its customer base on many new products. On that note; we are within weeks of receiving the first batch of the NEW TREEWORKER FRICTION TUBE (pictured) - this is a lowering device that offers degrees of control in rigging scenarios that has only been possible in the past with devices costing twice as many £s. Since the early part of this year we have been honing the device to make it as user friendly & simple as possible, at the same time producing a product that will exceed the Safe Working Load of it's competitors by no small margin. We thought long & hard in the design stage & decided that what the industry needed was a device that was easy to install, safe in operation & simple in use. We believe the challenge has been met! Please let us know otherwise.

Please remember that although our product range does not cover everything that's out there we are more than capable of supplying most items through the extended dealer network that we are a part of.



Jan 2010